In the WHO guidance on how to diagnose AIDS, it is said that a person is diagnosed as having no minimum of two major symptoms and one minor symptom and if there is no other reason to cause the immune system to decline. You can visit HIV Singapore to get a test on HIV/AIDS.

But a positive HIV diagnosis should be pre-tested by performing a collaborative HIV antibody test. HIV positive results indicate that a person has been infected with HIV. HIV negative results indicate that a person is not or has not been infected with HIV. In addition to blood, HIV testing can be done on saliva or urine (not against the person). So HIV testing can and should be against the blood, body or body tissues, eggs or sperm that will and the laboratory already have a special apparatus for HIV testing. Some NGOs also have counselling test services.
Treatment of AIDS.

Until now there is no cure or the perfect treatment for AIDS. The purpose of this treatment is to prolong the life of a person living with HIV for about 1-2 years. Anti-retroviral drugs such as Azidotinidine (AZT) were first licensed for treatment in Indonesia in 1997. Other antiretroviral drugs are known as didanosine (ddI) and diodicosein (ddC).

Combination drugs have been developed ranging from a mixture of two types of drugs to the concoction of several types. Some of these medicinal herbs are Saquinavir, Indinavir, Viracept, Ritonavir. Also developed a supportive therapy, namely therapy without chemical drugs, whose goal is to improve the quality of life and keep themselves healthy. This therapy can be used to complement the use of anti-retroviral drugs.

These include the use of traditional herbs, herbs, dietary regulation, vitamin use, dietary supplements, and yoga, acupuncture, massage, exercise and music therapy. But this treatment is also less effective, so the right HIV / AIDS treatment is currently not found.