Pregnant Women Should Be Aware Of These Pain

The phase of Pregnancy Singapore is one phase that should get more attention for women. Not only plays a major role in the health and development of the fetus in the womb, pregnancy can provide many physical and mental changes for pregnant women so that of course can affect his health. Sometimes, pregnant women can feel pain or pain in certain parts of the body. Indeed, it could be a pain caused by trivial things like fatigue, however, there is some pain that should not be underestimated by pregnant women because it could be a sign of serious health problems such as the following.


– Pain that appears on the middle and upper abdomen

Usually, this pain is accompanied by nausea or vomiting. According to health experts, the cause of this pain is heartburn, indigestion, or serious enough is poisoning to the mark for preeclampsia. For information, preeclampsia will appear at 20 weeks of gestation and is characterised by the continued rise in blood pressure and protein levels in the urine. Given this disease is very dangerous and can cause death, it’s good mother directly checked this condition to the doctor.

– Pain that appears on the lower abdomen

This pain may be a sign of a ligament tear or an ectopic pregnancy, a condition of pregnancy developing outside the uterus. In some cases, lower abdominal pain is also a sign of miscarriage, premature birth, and rupture of amniotic fluid.

– Impaired vision

If pregnant women experience a blurry view, it is better to immediately check this condition to the doctor because it could be this is a sign of disease preeclampsia. Another symptom of this health problem is dizziness or a very tortured headache.

– Pain during urination

If a pregnant woman experiences a burning sensation during urination, this may be a sign of a urinary tract infection that must be treated promptly with proper medical treatment.

Pregnant women would have to maintain the condition of pregnancy as best as possible until the baby could be born safely. Usually, pregnant women will keep their nutritional intake as good as possible to ensure the fetus in the womb can grow as well as possible. In addition, pregnant women also tend to rest more often and do not do many heavy activities. It’s just that pregnant women who just sit around comfortably but do not pay attention to his sitting position was also still at risk of making a pregnancy problematic.

Pregnant women should avoid sitting position with hanging legs. Seats that tend to be very high or a sofa that lures us to sit and it can make us unknowingly sit with your feet hanging. This position can actually trigger an increase in blood flow in the leg which can trigger severe swelling of the legs.